Trends: Where is the automotive industry headed?

In order to know the future, you need to go a little bit back in time. Where did it all start? Did you know that the first automobile was designed by François Isaac de Rivaz in the year 1808? That’s a couple of centuries back. Just imagine how much cars have changed since then; from hydrogen fuelled combustion engines to diesel and petrol engines to the modern electric powered car.  If such change has taken place over the few hundreds of years, does it mean that the automobile industry is nearing its end? On the contrary, could the 21st century witness a new era of road vehicle technology? Well, it’s really hard to say.


With the world going green, automobile manufacturers are making every effort to produce the most environmentally friendly cars. Take a look at what vehicles use for fuel these days. Some time back, the electric car seemed like an idea you could only fantasize about. Thanks to innovative technology, electric vehicles have become a reality. Although they haven’t been commercialized that much on a global scale, you could still purchase one and drive it on the roads of the UK. It doesn’t end there.

Nowadays, there are hybrid cars that can combine more than one source of fuel. For instance, some vehicles can combine electricity and bio-diesel. Apart from electric cars, innovations are also being made for alternative sources of fuel such as hydrogen, vegetable oil, and even water. Don’t believe it? Check out the Genepax Japanese Car online and see for yourself.

Smart integration

Have you noticed how everything is being smartly integrated nowadays? That includes cars too. Development of technology has seen modern vehicles being fitted with some very impressive gadgets and systems. They have more interactive systems that allow the driver to feel at one with the car. It’s funny that you can even ask your own vehicle for directions these days just by speaking to it. Additionally, it’s also possible to receive and make calls, brew coffee, refrigerate your soda, and so on.

With smart integration technology, you can now link your automobile to your very own smart phone. This has made tracking very easy and will eventually help curb car thefts in the future. Additionally, such integration will help you monitor your vehicle’s condition more closely and enable you to properly maintain it.  Besides that, you can expect to call your car and have it drive to your location all on its own in the near future thanks to such technology. Give it some time. You’ll see.


With respect to the above trends, the future still seems bright for the automotive industry. As long as technology increases, you can expect to see cooler cars than the ones you see today in the near future. Very soon, you might be able to board a taxi with no driver and still get to your destination. It sounds a bit unbelievable right now, doesn’t it? Well, why don’t you wait and witness it for yourself? With the ever increasing demand for innovation and inventions, there is no telling what the future holds.

Are used cars better than brand new cars?

It’s normal to want to buy a new car. However, are brand new cars the best option for you? May be the time has come to try something different for a change. You never know. Used vehicles are actually not as bad as you think they are. In fact, a used car could be better than a brand new car in some cases. If you are looking to dispose your rusty old automobile for something different, you should really consider getting something that’ll suit your needs. Before you go for that brand new showroom car, here is why you should change your mind and consider purchasing a used car instead.

More variety

Although the automotive industry is expanding and new cars are constantly being introduced to the market, used vehicles will still give you access to more variety. You can even buy a car model that is no longer being produced in the industry. For instance, assume that you are in search of a vehicle produced in the year 2005. No matter how hard you try looking for it, you might never find it in the brand new market. However, when it comes to used cars you can get automobile models that date way back. In case you are looking for a classic car, a great option is to buy a used one, remodel it and then accessorise.


In general, used cars tend to be easier on the pocket than brand new cars. Well, that’s if you are comparing similar makes and models. However, there are used automobiles that are pricier than new vehicles. Since used cars are cheaper, that means you can acquire a better performing vehicle at a more affordable amount than buying a new car. With used cars, you can be able to acquire your dream car sooner than you think. All you need to do is find the right vehicle dealer and use your negotiating skills well.

Slower depreciation

Brand new cars tend to be subject to steeper depreciation rate upon purchase. Therefore, you need to know that you will lose a chunk of your automobile’s value immediately you drive it off the showroom. On the other hand, used cars are sold when they are already depreciated. Even though they will still lose value with age, these cars will lose their value at a much slower rate than brand new cars. Thanks to modern technology, you can now check the historical information of your desired used vehicle and get its estimated value and rate of depreciation. So, you do not have to worry about a thing.


Ability to avoid fees

If you plan to buy a used car, then the best place to purchase one would be from a private seller. This is because dealerships tend to offer a lot of fees that could end up adding the overall cost of the vehicle. Think of it this way. Since the car dealer also bought that used car at a certain price, they will also need to make some profit from it. This is where the extra costs creep in. When it comes to a private seller, the case becomes a bit different because all you end up paying for is the original ask price the car owner requested. You won’t have to hear about advertisement or processing fees. Moreover, no taxation is involved here. That is why it is so much easier to avoid fees when acquiring a used car.